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PVC panel is getting more popular in interior design in recent times. PVC is a soft and flexible material that do not break easily. Earlier plywood, gypsum or glass were the main option for residential and commercial interiors because people used to think it is safer than other available materials. However PVCs are completely nontoxic and heat proof. The durability it offers as an interior product allows you to be used in various purposes.

Our company offers complete PVC interior services in all over India. We customize all the products according to our client’s requirements and deliver them to their doorstep. From bedrooms to corporate offices we design everything as you want. Our PVC sheets can be used to make every kind of interior accessories like wardrobes, dressing tables, TV cabinets. It can even be used to enhance the look of a building as PVC wall panels and PVC false ceilings can be made in any color or design that gives an aesthetic appeal to the room.

The right material enhances the look of our walls. The era of trends has begun and it is emerging with each passing days. These wall panels are a new way to transform walls and the entire environment. 3D wall panels offer the most innovative options among textured panels.

How Is It Used?

PVC panels are an excellent choice for cladding the ceilings and walls of a house, especially damp areas as it does not collect any moisture. This is why it is widely used in restaurant kitchens, schools, meat packaging industry, and even in refrigerated warehouses.

Advantages Of Pvc PANEL


PVC wall panels can be very useful if there is dampness in a wall. It does not catch moisture very well.


PVC products are ecofriendly and does not cause any harm to the environment. The products are sustainable and can be easily recycled.


PVC panels are highly cost effective compared to other available material for interior decoration. PVC is a lightweight material, it takes less manpower to install or replace PVC furniture. Hence it’s a cost effective solution for interior design.


PVC Panel are highly water resistant, it does not catch moisture either. That makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms, basements, garages – which are prone to dampness. These panels fixes each other with a special interlocking system which prevents the entry of water.


Wooden furniture are easily vulnerable to termites. These little creature destroy many of our valuable assets. As PVC Panel are resistant to water and dampness they do not support mold or mildew growth. PVC products are generally termite proof which is why it’s quiet feasible to use it for furniture.


Kitchen is the one place where every furniture gets exposed to oil, water and heat. PVC Panel are a good choice for kitchen cabinets as it has thermal resistance and fire resistance. It does not melt in normal heat like other polymers.


PVC panel won’t rust or corrode over time because it does not react with air and water the way other material does. It results in a significantly longer lifetime of the furniture.


PVC panel are lightweight, they are very easy to transport, handle and install at site and do not create a dusty environment during installation.


PVC is a strong and highly durable factory-manufactured material. It can last for years without warping or bending. Once it is installed, the wall or ceiling is ready to use and does not require any finishing with paint or varnish.

Why PVC Panel Is A Good Choice For Interior Designing

PVC wall and ceiling liner panels are a cost-effective alternative to conventional drywall or metal panels. These PVC ceiling and PVC wall panels are perfect for the most demanding agricultural, industrial, and commercial environments. It provides a durable barrier that is thermal efficient and highly resilient in storm-prone areas. Concrete form systems are easy to assemble and install, simple to maintain, and will not rot, rust, or corrode over time. These wall forms are a great building option for the construction of buildings such as vehicle washes, laboratories, food processing, cleanrooms, health facilities, and residential basements. Mehndi PVC liner panels are strong, high-impact panels that naturally resist marking, scratching, and chemicals. Because of its light weight these panels are easy to handle and require no special equipment for installation. Our have an all-weather interlocking system that allows for panel contraction and expansion due to temperature fluctuations.

Mehndi PVC Interior Services

We deliver a wide range of PVC and uPVC products, like furniture, modular kitchen, wall panel, flooring, ceiling etc all over India. Our products are highly customizable for any type of interior work and can be used for residential areas, office areas, hotels, hospitals, institutions and many more. We offer all kinds of PVC services by our company. From interior designing with PVC to making customized PVC products, we do it all.

PVC interior design is growing in popularity because PVC materials are non-toxic, anti-chemical and corrosion-resistant. Products made with PVC are durable and easily available. PVC interior works give a hygienic environment to stay or work in. It also enhances the look of the property with its PVC interior decoration.

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